Choosing a Fishing Guide

There are many sport fishing guides in Key West and there are a few things to think about so everyone has a great time. Strangely enough, not everyone uses to book their charter fishing boats. It’s true! Some folks prefer doing things the hard way. For those people, these tips will be a helpful guide and for our customers, they’ll be just interesting reading.

First, consider your fishing party. How many people are in your group? The passenger capacity on boats varies greatly from 1-6. Is the group willing to break up onto separate boats or would they rather fish together and still have room to move around?

Next, what kind of amenities will be required? For example, is an on board head (bathroom) important? What about cover from the sun? Choosing the wrong guide could be a decision that results in a long and uncomfortable fishing experience for those guests who don’t want to hang over the side to use the restroom or may need a break from the heat at some point during the day.

The, what time of year is the trip and what would your group like to catch? Take a look at our Key West Fishing Calendar to determine which fish are likely to be biting during your visit to the island. Then choose 3 or 4 of the game fish your part would be most interested in catching. If Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish are on the wish list, a Flats fishing experience will best fit the bill. Flats fishing boats are typically smaller and have fewer amenities in order to navigate the shallower waters and tighter estuaries in and around the Florida Keys. For the larger sport fish like Shark, Marlin, Sailfish or Wahoo or if your group is looking for variety, choose the Deep Sea option. The boats are typically larger, have more amenities and the fishing guide can take you to the areas more likely to produce a great catch based on the Key West weather and water conditions the day of your trip.

Finally, be sure to check out the distance between the boat’s docking area and your lodging. There are many good fishing guides serving the Florida Keys but some are actually located outside of Key West. A 7 am launch time comes early enough without having to get up even earlier to drive a distance to the dock.

Taking the time to discuss expectations for the fishing trip and answering a few questions will make a big difference to having a great time with the right guide.

Enjoy Key West!

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