Fly Fishing

What is Key West Fly Fishing?
Fly fishing is a light tackle method which uses an artificial ‘fly’ is used to catch fish. Artificial flies are made by fastening either natural or synthetic feathers, fur or hair onto a hook.  Flies are created in sizes and colors to match common local baitfish, insects or other prey the target species find appetizing. The fly is cast by using a fly rod and reel. Fly fishing uses a heavier line than traditional spin casting. In fly fishing, the weight of the line carries the hook through the air, whereas spin casting uses the weight of the lure or a sinker at the end of the line to give the cast distance. Casting a nearly weightless fly does call for some moderate expertise to get a fish to strike, or at least a willingness to learn from one of our experienced, patient fly fishing specialists. Key West is a fantastic fly fishing destination; it offers a great variety of fish that are attracted to a fly.

What’s Biting on Flies?
Jacks (several types)
Snapper (several types)

When are they Biting?

January – February – March
The beginning of the year sees a few cold fronts push their way through the Florida Keys. These fronts provide many opportunities to land Barracuda and Jacks. Following a cold front, Permit become active and a couple of consecutive warmer days will bring the Tarpon, Bonefish, Cobia & Sharks into the flats where they can soak up the sun and enjoy a good meal. The winds are stronger this time of year so accurate casts are key.

April – May – June
It’s spring and the fish are biting. Permit fishing is at its peak as they get ready to head offshore to spawn. This time of year can also provide some of the best Tarpon fishing. Also, Bonefish are still biting in good numbers.  The Spring Break and early summer months are popular with our visitors, so be sure to book your fishing charter early.

July – August – September
Fish are all biting strong in the summer months so it’s a great time to try for a Grand Slam, a Bonefish, a Permit and a Tarpon in the same fishing trip. Early morning starts are best to take advantage of early feeders and the coolest part of the summer Key West fishing day.

October – November – December
Weather will be the primary dictator of what will be biting. Warm weather means a continuation of the large variety and high numbers of fish found during the summer months particularly Bonefish, Shark, Tarpon and Permit.  If a brisk weather front arrives, the usual suspects of Barracuda, Jack, Cobia, and Permit will be biting along with some Tarpon between weather fronts. December provides good Key West fly fishing action.

Tackle Used
Each charter provides high-quality fly fishing gear; typically between 8 and 12 weight, fast action rods and flies according to the species being hunted.  We also welcome those anglers who prefer the familiarity of using their own fly fishing equipment.  If you prefer to bring your own equipment, be sure to discuss tackle with your Captain prior to the trip. They will give good advice on what types of flies are getting the most action and the rods successfully landing the fish.