Description: Amberjack have silver and black skin distinguished by a yellowish stripe down the mid-section of body and a dark, variably present stripe which extends from the nose to the front of the dorsal fin. This dark stripe becomes more prominent and appears to “light up” when the fish is in feeding mode. The Amberjack is a large, heavy fish.

Aliases: Jack

Habitat: This is typically an OFFSHORE species associated with rocky reefs, debris and wrecks. Amberjack are most often found in 60 – 240 feet of water although they are occasionally caught INSHORE in southern areas of Florida.

Tackle Used: Conventional light tackle

Fight: The Amberjack is the largest of the Jack family and puts up a strong fight.

Vital Stats: Typically from 20 – 100 lbs., average weight 40 lbs.

State Record: 142 lbs. caught near Islamorada

Limits: One fish per person per day (limit applies to captain & crew of for-hire vessels) 28” in length for Atlantic catches, 30” for Gulf catches. Measurement is from nose to fork of tail.

Flavor: Produces thick white filets, with a medium fish flavor. The Amberjack can be found in restaurants as an entree dish, or as key ingredient in fish spread.