Description: Barracuda have bluish green backs and silver sides with irregular black spots on their lower body. They have a dark caudal fink with white tips and lateral line scales. Juveniles bear a dark stripe on the side which develops into dark square like blotches as the fish matures. Barracuda are a fierce and aggressive predator with an elongated lower jaw to display rows of large, razor sharp teeth.

Aliases: Cuda

Habitat: A common fish found OFFSHORE near wrecks and reefs as well as INSHORE along a hard bottom, mud flats, in sea grass or inshore estuaries.

Tackle Used: Conventional light tackle, trolling

Fight: Barracuda are a strong, fighting fish when hooked. They are known for making high speed, frantic runs around the boat.

Vital Stats: Typically from 5 – 35 lbs. although a rare 6 foot and 106 lbs. has been verified.

State Record: None

Limits: No limits currently in place

Flavor: Not recommended for human consumption