Blackfin Tuna


Description: Blackfin tuna have silver sides, dark blue to black color on their back with a white stomach and large eyes. They are shaped like a football with equal sizing from their midsection to their head & tail with small gray fins running from the second dorsal fin to the anal fin. Blackfin tuna are found in large numbers and are the most abundant of the tuna species.

Aliases: Tuna, Albacore

Habitat: OFFSHORE in warmer water, Blackfin are usually on or near the surface over reefs

Tackle Used: Conventional light tackle, trolling

Fight: Tuna puts up a good fight; they are a muscular fish and pound for pound are one of the fastest swimmers

Vital Stats: From 10 – 35 lbs., up to 39 inches

State Record: 45 lbs. 8 oz. in Key West

Limits: No limits currently in place

Flavor: Known as the “filet mignon” of fish, Tuna has outstanding flavor. Found on the menu at many fine restaurants, Tuna can be blackened or in steaks but is especially valued raw as sushi or with a very rare sear.