Blue Marlin


Description: Blue Marlin are bright cobalt blue on the top, shading to silvery white on the bottom. The upper jaw elongates into a spear, the dorsal fin is pointed near the front end with the pectoral fin and anal fin also pointed. The Blue Marlin body is covered in embedded scales ending in one or two sharp points which give a reticulated, net-like look difficult to see in large adults.

Aliases: Marlin, Billfish, Ocean Gar

Habitat: OFFSHORE blue water fish

Tackle Used: Conventional heavy tackle, trolling

Fight: Even the most seasoned anglers are impressed with the spectacular fight of a Marlin. Expect the battle to last 4 – 6 hours.

Vital Stats: Common to 11 feet in length and in excess of 2000 lbs.

State Record: 1046 lbs. caught near Panama City

Limits: One fish per harvester per day (aggregate Billfish bag limit applies), 99 inch minimum measured from lower jaw to fork. All landed fish must be reported to NOAA within 24 hours 800-894-5528.

Flavor: Though excellent in flavor, this trophy fish is most often released alive