Description: Bonito have dark blue or purple backs and upper sides fading to silver lower sides and a white belly. They have 4 to 6 dark, broken lines running the length of the body. Bonito have two dorsal fins: the front one has spines and the rear on has 7 to 9 finlets following to the tail fin. The anal fin is found directly under the rear dorsal fin and is also followed by 7 or 8 finlets. The mouth of the Bonito extends to the center of the eye.

Aliases: Skipjack, Skipjack Tuna, Little Tunny

Habitat: OFFSHORE schooling fish found around reefs, wrecks or floating objects

Tackle Used: conventional light tackle, trolling. Bonito are often caught while fishing for larger species and are a good live bait fish.

Fight: Bonito put up a good fight but are a bloody fish and most often used as bait for larger game fish like Marlin or Shark

Vital Stats: Bonito (Skipjack Tuna) commonly grow to a length of 32 in. and a weight of 7-22 lbs

State Record: None

Limits: No limits currently in place

Flavor: Not good to eat (unless you are a Marlin or a Shark)