Description: Cobia  are mostly dark brown but can display some color variation extending to black due to genetics or habitat. They are a long, slim fish with a wide depressed head. The lower jaw extends past the upper jaw, a dark lateral stripe continues through the eye to tail and the first dorsal fin is comprised of 7 to 9 free spines. Often mistaken by anglers for sharks, they can be seen freely swimming near the surface near flotsam or structure.

Aliases: Kingfish

Habitat: INSHORE inhabiting inlets, bays and among mangroves. Cobia can frequently be found near floating seaweed, around buoys, pilings and wrecks as well as swimming along the coastline during the spring and fall migrations.

Tackle Used: Conventional light tackle, trolling

Fight: Cobia is a heavy, hard fighting fish with a bad attitude. They will use coral and structure in an attempt to cut lines. Be warned they never give up the fight even on the way to the cooler.

Vital Stats: over 25 lbs. with 35-40 lbs. not uncommon

State Record: 130 lbs. 1 oz. caught near Destin

Limits: 1 Cobia per harvester or 6 per vessel per day whichever is less, 33” minimum fork

Flavor: Excellent meal choice with a mild fish taste