Description: Mackerel are a long, streamlined, silver bodied fish with iridescent blue-green along the back and a tapered head. They have a deeply forked tail with a series of finlets behind the dorsal fin and a lateral line that starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin. Young kingfish often have yellow spots resembling Spanish mackerel.

Aliases: King Mackerel, Smoker

Habitat: NEARSHORE and OFFSHORE, found near piers ridges and wrecks running into deep water.

Tackle Used: Conventional light to medium tackle, trolling

Fight: The Kingfish is a great fighting fish, known for long, strong, high speed runs

Vital Stats: Kingfish are most commonly caught between 10 – 60 lbs. but rare 6’ and nearly 100 lb fish have been verified.

State Record: 90 lbs. caught near Key West

Limits: 2 per harvester per day each with a 24” fork minimum

Flavor: Can be very good if properly prepared. The medium to strong taste of Kingfish is most often maximized by smoking, grilling or broiling and using it in a fish spread.