Mutton Snapper


Description: Mutton Snapper are olive green on the back and upper sides with the lower fins having a reddish tinge. They have a bright blue line below the eye and a small black spot below the dorsal fin.

Aliases: Mutton fish, King Snapper

Habitat: INSHORE fish found in grassbeds, mangroves, and canals. Larger adults are occasionally found on OFFSHORE reefs.

Tackle Used: Conventional light tackle or flats

Fight: Known as “bait stealers”, Mangrove Snapper require quick reactions. From the youngest novice to a veteran, these fish are a fun catch for recreational anglers.

Vital Stats: Mutton Snapper can have a life expectancy of up to 40 years, a length of 20 – 35” and can weigh between 10 – 15 lbs.

State Record: 26 lbs. 4 oz. caught near Key Largo

Limits: 10 Snapper aggregate (all types combined) per harvester per day, 16” minimum length

Flavor: Excellent choice for a meal, Mutton Snapper filets are white and flaky when cooked and have a very light fish taste with a sweet flavor.