Description: Permit are a silver gray color with a blue, almost irridescent back. Their dorsal fin is directly above the anal fin.

Aliases: none

Habitat: INSHORE along a hard bottom, mud flats, in sea grass or inshore estuaries also OFFSHORE near wrecks and reefs, particularly while spawning

Tackle Used: Conventional light to medium tackle, trolling

Fight: Permit are a powerful, cunning fish. Catching them requires a patient angler. Permit are known as the most difficult, most rewarding fish to catch on a fly.

Vital Stats: More often caught at 15 lbs but Permit as large as 35 lbs. have occasionally been caught

State Record: 56 lbs 2 oz caught near Ft. Lauderdale

Limits: No less than 24” fork, 6 per harvester per day aggregate of Permit and Pompano. May possess one over 20” of either Permit or Florida Pompano included in the aggregate bag limit. Gigging, spearing, snatching prohibited. Permit: hook and line only.

Flavor: Permit are not for human consumption and are carefully released