Spanish Mackerel


Description: Spanish Mackerel are iridescent blue-green along the back with silver sides and  irregular golden yellow  spots along the length, increasing in number closer to the tail fin.  front of dorsal fin.  They have two closely spaced dorsal fins; the front of dorsal fin is black with 17-19 spines curving gently to base of tail.

Aliases: Spanish Macs

Habitat: Found INSHORE, NEARSHORE and OFFSHORE over grass beds, reefs, rocks and wrecks

Tackle Used: Conventional light to medium tackle

Fight: A strong fighting fish

Vital Stats: Commonly found from 2-8 lbs.

State Record: 12 lb caught near Ft. Pierce

Limits: 15 per harvester per day with a 12” fork minimum

Flavor: Can be very good if properly prepared. The grayish filets and medium to strong taste of Spanish Mackerel is most often maximized by smoking, grilling, broiling or using it as an ingredient in fish spread.