Description: Wahoo are slender, silver fish with a blue or green back and wavy blue “tiger stripes” on its body which is covered in small scales. These “stripes” become brighter when the Wahoo is feeding or becomes aggressive. The Wahoo has an elongated, beak-like jaw with teeth that are triangular and finely serrated.  The front of two dorsal fins is quite a bit longer than the rear dorsal. These fins are followed by finlets.

Aliases: Sometimes mistaken for a Barracuda or Kingfish

Habitat: OFFSHORE in deep water over reefs, wrecks, ledges, sharp drop offs or wherever sudden changes in current are found.

Tackle Used: Conventional medium to heavy tackle

Fight: A prized game fish, Wahoo are high speed, aggressive feeders known for tremendous runs and rapid shifts in direction. It’s said Wahoo are named for the excited sound an angler makes when fighting this fish, “Wahoo!”.

Vital Stats: Typically found from 15 – 90 lbs

State Record: 139 lbs. caught near Marathon

Limits: 2 per harvester per day

Flavor: Wahoo makes an excellent meal. Filets and steaks cook white and flaky with a slightly sweet flavor.